Lenox Ave 35

In the fall of 2020 and in the midst of the COVID pandemic, founder Lonnie Morgan, was in the midst of rediscovering his love for tabletop gaming. While exploring the latest games on BoardGameGeek, he had a lightbulb moment: “Wouldn’t it be cool to make the game I want to play with the focus on the stories that I’d like to see?” And that’s where the idea for Skyloft Games was birthed. Next we began to iterate on the first theme that we would explore.

One of the core principles of Skyloft Games is the bring more diversity of content and themes to the tabletop. We believe there is a pent-up desire across the gaming world to see and experience the stories and cultures of peoples that have not traditionally been featured in the board gaming world. And to do so in a way that’s not condescending, inaccurate, nor offensive. After multiple brainstorming sessions across a broad range of ideas (in a notebook that continues to grow!), the team settled on theming a lightweight card game around the heyday of the Harlem Renaissance nightclub scene in 1930’s New York City as our first foray into the industry.

And we are proud to announce our first gaming title, Lenox Ave 35!

Set in 1935 Harlem, New York City, Lenox Ave 35 is a two-player competitive card game, where each player must assemble the highest scoring music revue to win. Using card drawing, set matching, and bidding tactics, each player selects from famous performers such as Duke Ellington, The Dandridge Sisters, and Billie Holiday to fill out their nightclub’s music revue. Players also have to select songs from the agent’s songbook and pair them with the performers to try and earn additional bonus points. Game play occurs across multiple rounds in which the non-player Entertainment Agent brings chaos and reward to the revue assembly process. Out play the opposing nightclub manager and score the highest points to win the game!

Box mockup of Lenox Ave 35 card game (image is not final)
Prototype versions of Performer, Song, & Club cards (images are not final)
  • As a nightclub promoter in Lenox Ave 35, players select their ideal performers from the Agent’s Contracts Office
  • Select the best matching songs that are available within the Agent’s Songbook
  • Purchase Agent Action cards to enhance your club’s revue
  • But beware…the Agent may throw a little chaos into the mix
  • Match your Club’s and the Game’s bonus criteria to earn even more points
  • The player that earns the most points at the end of the game wins!

To bring Lenox Ave 35 to your tabletop, we will be engaging in a crowdfunding campaign in 2023. As we get closer to finalizing the game design, we will share more information through our social media channels. If you would like to follow along with the final stages of the games development, please join our Discord server (click to join) or follow us on our Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/skyloft_games/.